5 Myths About MLM Opportunities

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1. It Matters which MLM Company You Join – Every Internet Marketer who has an MLM opportunity believes there’s the best. In fact it’s even come down to slander in some cases where one MLM company will say negative things about another just to get a sign up. Today you learn that it does not matter which MLM Opportunity you join what matters is the Leader you join under. It can be the most successful MLM Company online but if you have a bad leader you will not be successful at it..Period.

2. You have to buy Leads This one could easily be number one as newbie’s to the internet world of Multi-Level Marketing think they have to buy leads in order to be successful. Buying leads is a bad idea on any front because you have no idea how the lead was generated or the age of it. Generating your own leads and your own list is the key to MLM success. Buying Leads for any business especially Multi-Level Marketing Companies is a waste of time and money. Unless you know the person who collected the email accounts and the leads then you should steer clear of purchased list. Your better off creating your own list.

3. I have to bother my friends and Family Never again should you ask your family members to join your MLM opportunity. With today’s marketing strategies such as social media and video marketing you no longer have to be that bothersome relative asking every person in your family to join your team. This also refers to number 2 – You need to generate your own leads and not harass friends and family. When you are driving around in your new Mercedes your friends and family will ask you if they can join.

4. You have to Already have a list to be Successful while your list will become your most prized asset you do not have to have one to start. No one has a list when they first start in the internet world. In fact even if you have a list there is no guarantee that the list will fit into your MLM opportunity. For example: If you are an affiliate marketer for watches and you have huge list of watch buyers. That list will do you no good in the MLM world as it’s not targeted towards MLM opportunities. It’s targeted towards watches. Every person who has become successful in MLM at one point started with no list. People are successful every day so do not get hung up on having a list when you start. As time goes on you will generate a good targeted list that is full of people interested in MLM and not another item.

5. All MLM Opportunities are Pyramid Scams As you probably already know Pyramid marketing is illegal and no true MLM opportunity structures their pay outs this way. While you do build a team below you there are new matrixes’s that prevent a Pyramid sign up method. Today there are companies where you only have to sign up 10 people and that is your down-line moving forward. Some are 4 people and so on as each organization is built a little differently. The biggest thing to take away from this myth is that the pyramids of the 1980’s have all gone out of business or have been required by law to change their pay out structures.

MLM Companies and their Opportunities have been given a bad name but it’s never been about the company. It’s always been about the leader that did not help, or the person who really did not try. The person who gave up after the first person they talked to did not sign up.

Multi-Level Marketing Opportunities are and have been one of the fastest most successful ways to build lasting wealth. In some cases once your team is built you are free to move on to another MLM opportunity. Each team you build will continue to generate money for you for years to come as you build your residual income streams and move from one Opportunity to the next.

Now that you know what the myths are you can successfully navigate through the Multi-Level Marketing world with ease and confidence.

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