Multi Level Marketing?

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This Chapter Will :

Show you what you can achieve with multi-level marketing;
Introduce you to the concept of MLM;
Tell you about the past, the present and the future of MLM.

What can MLM do for you?
More accurately, what can you do with MLM? There are thousands of MLM millionaires worldwide today, most of whom achieved that position within the last ten years. This may give you some idea of the wealth-creating potential of MLM. You may have no desire to become rich, but do read on.

You have almost certainly started reading these pages because of a desire to increase your income to some extent. You may come to the conclusion after reading these pages that MLM is not for you; that’s fine – it doesn’t appeal to everyone. However, MLM allows you to create any amount of extra income that you wish to have.

You can fit it around your current lifestyle and commitments in any way you choose, or you can go into it full-time from the start. You can work part-time in MLM until your income from it exceeds your current income, enabling you to give up full-time employment. You can use it to produce some extra pocket money each week or you can decide to become a millionaire within a few years.

Most people realize at some stage in their life that wealth is rarely obtained by working for somebody else. Working for yourself is not a guarantee of future wealth but it is almost certainly the only way that you will have a chance of making a great deal of money.

Once you are in full-time employment, however, you need some nerve to cut off a steady reliable salary in order to take the necessary risks involved in starting your own business. But are those risks really ‘necessary’? With MLM the answer is no! It is not necessary to resign from a full-time job to start in MLM, neither is it necessary to take financial risks of any significance.

You may say, ‘Sounds great, but I’ve never been in business in my life. Who’s going to help me get started and tell me what I need to do? How about unlimited help and advice from people already successful in the business?

What’s the catch?
It all sounds too good to be true; there must be a catch somewhere. No catch. Can any business be so flexible and yet have such vast potential? Yes, MLM is infinitely flexible and virtually unlimited in potential. What experience and qualifications are necessary. Your background, financial position, education and social class are irrelevant.

MLM is a great economic leveller – earnings are in direct proportion to effort. The only entry requirement is the payment of a joining fee (maximum £75 at present, set by law). The only requirement for success are a strong for the level of success you want and a willingness to learn how to attain it.

So far only MLM’s financial potential has been discussed . That’s not all it offers. Indeed, many successful distributors see the other benefits of the business as being of equal importance as the money they make from it. Friendships are made, there is personal development and the opportunity to help people. These and other aspects are explored in more depth later.

Is it legal?

Not many types of marketing methods have their own specific legislation to ensure fair play. As long as these are complied with (in addition to other general trading law), then MLM is perfectly legal.

A number of the most reputable direct selling companies formed the Direct Selling Association in 1965. A code of practice was drawn up and approved by the Office of Fair Trading; this governs all aspects of DSA members activities. The code ensures ethical practices by all members, a number of which use the MLM distribution method.

Reference: Multi-Level Marketing: Peter Clothier 2nd Edition

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