The Four Color personalities For MLM- Preface

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Many networkers have asked me for a simple explanation of the four personalities. Hippocrates started the idea around 400 BC, and over the last century, many psychologists and speakers have taught and expanded on his original work.

Un fortunately, most of this work is too deep and detailed, and gets boring very quickly. Plus, the average networker wouldn’t find it very useable. For example, some systems analyze people by having them take a 25+ question test. While it is more accurate than just observing, a 25+ question test is not very practical to give to prospects before you speak to them.

These pages are designed to help you:

  1. Quickly identify which personality types your prospects are.
  2. Know the exact words to say to those prospects in their secret language so your message is received more easily and with more rapport. Now, for the student of endless detail, this isn’t for you. There are plenty of psychologists and gurus who love this topic. There are textbooks and volumes written on this subject. For network marketers who want to have more rapport and connection with prospects, this is a quick and easy way to learn not only how to talk to prospects more effectively, but also what not to say to prospects so that you don’t sabotage your message.

Reference: The Four Color Personalities For MLM:Tom”Big Al”Schreiter

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