The Yellow Personality – Even Cartoon Characters can be yellow

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Remember Cinderella? Yes, she was nice, kind, wanted to help people. A great example of a yellow personality.

Usually the tooth fairy and good fairy godmothers are yellow personalities too.

Many Disney princesses are yellow personalities.

Remember Charlie Brown from cartoon strip, Peanuts? He always wanted to be helpful to everyone around him. But his friend, Lucy, was definitely not a yellow personality!

Marge Simpson, Homer Simpson’s wife, is certainly a yellow personality that you can remember. She puts up with all the mistakes and drama in her family with that cherry attitude, and wants to help everyone be happy.

Homer Simpson’s neighbor, Ned, is a yellow personality. He has that jovial personality and just wants to help people and make them happy.
(Homer Simpson? No, he is not a yellow personality.)

Casper the friendly ghost was yellow. In his cartoons, all Casper wanted to do was make friends. Yellows make the best friends.

Oh, how about Big Bird from the children’s television show, Sesame Street? Not only was Big Bird a bigger-than-life yellow personality, he also had bright yellow feathers.

And finally, there’s Elmo. This well-known Sesame Street character was loved by everyone. No one hated Elmo. (Although there is a rumour that fellow cast member, Oscar the Grouch, harbored a deep sense of jealousy over Elmo’s popularity.)

The Yellow Personality Behaviour

They’re laid-back, mellow, they hate to say “No2 to a request, and they tend to talk softer and slower.

Because they don’t want to disappoint people.

Lets, see if you can predict a yellow person’s behaviour in this example: Imagine that the yellow personality enters a large banquet room. There are large round tables, some with many happy laughing people, and one table where a person sits by himself.

At which table will the yellow personality sit?

The table with only one person, of course. The yellow personality will put an arm around the lonely person and say, ” You need a friend.”

Yellows are first to help, first to volunteer, and want to make sure everyone is happy.

Have You Ever Experienced This?

You sit down with a friend, and your friend brings you hot tea and cookies, offers to massage your neck because you look stressed, and asks about the health of your close family members.

Yes, that is a yellow personality.


Yes, you can describe the yellow personalities as people with feelings who are focused more on relationships. While working on a big-picture project, they work hard to make sure everyone gets along to move the project forward.

This is in contrast to some other personalities that would measure production and set goals and standards for achievement.

Yellows are great relationships.

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