The Yellow Personality

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All you have to do is remember one word. This one word describes the yellow personality.
What is the word?

That’s it. The yellow personalities will do more for other people than they will for themselves. Sort of sounds like someone’s mother, doesn’t it?

These people are professional helpers. They live for the chance to be of assistance. It makes them feel good to help.
When a neighbour is sick, who comes to their home and brings food? Who nurses them back to health? Who takes them to the doctor?

Yellow personalities
I keep a picture in my mind of a yellow personality. I visualize a 50-year-old grandmother, long hippie dress, flowers in her hair, serving cookies to the grandchildren, while singing “Kumbaya” and other folk songs.

Exaggerated? Of course, but if you can remember that picture you will never have to memorize the attributes of a yellow personality.

You will find many yellow personalities as: Massage therapists, Fund-raisers, Nurses, Social workers, Charity volunteers, Ministers, counsellors, Customer service representatives, Caregivers.

Why? Because they enjoy careers that help people.

Yellow personalities are professional huggers. They love to hug people. I beg you have an aunt or cousin who, when she meets a stranger, comes up to the stranger and gives that stranger a huge hug. And the stranger says, ” oh, I feel like I have known you all my life. Here is all my money.”

When a new road is being built through the woods, they are the ones hugging the tree saying “Please don’t hurt the trees.”
Everybody loves the yellow personality. And everybody trusts them, too.

You’ll know when you have met a yellow personality. Not only does she give you a big hug, but the next day you get a thank-you card in the mail. The card says, ” Thank you for being my friend.” And when she signed the card, did she put a little dot over the “i”?

No, There was a little heart over the “i” and smiley face stickers everywhere. That is the yellow personality. Now because the yellow personalities are always helping people, they are not interested in your compensation plan, the overseas trip for top leaders, or the scientific reports on your patented products.

They are more interested in how your product or service can help other people. If the network marketing company cuts the compensation plan by 50% the yellow personalities will say, ” oh, that’s nice. Our bonus checks will only be half as much and that money will probably go to help poor people or a pet shelter somewhere.”

Yellow personalities are fine with that scenario. They are only interested in the business as a means to help other people. They want to know how your product helps stop the suffering of people in pain, how your product saves money so that young mothers will have more money for baby food, and how your skin care can help the self-image of a shy teenager.

They are so happy just helping people.

Yellow personalities make great network marketing leaders. people are naturally attracted top them because of their integrity, their honesty, their willingness to help, and their missionary spirit. Once they are convinced of something, their missionary spirit overcomes their fear of rejection, and they become self-motivated for their cause.

You seldom see a yellow personalities in the front of the room motivating the attendees. They are not the type to be giving orders or telling people what to do.

You normally see them in the back of the meeting room because they like to support the function instead of being seen as the star. They organize the registration, put out the extra chairs, supply refreshments, and make sure the heating and air conditioning are kept at the proper temperature so everyone is comfortable. But that does not mean they are not good leaders. They just lead differently.

Remember Mother Teresa? Remember Mahatma Gandhi?
They were great people who led by their personal examples. They didn’t preach their philosophies to the masses. They simply lived a dedicated life of service and people followed them.

Everyone loves the yellow personalities. They are so friendly, so helpful, and so pleasant to be around.

The yellow personalities are easy to notice. They don’t overdress. They are more comfortable in sandals and casual wear. They are not out there to impress people or to be seen as better than someone else.

Soft-spoken, polite, and with leisurely pace, they go with the flow of life and fit in everywhere. yellows find it almost impossible to say “No” to any request. They find it easier to say “Yes” then to explain why they want to say “No”.

But don’t be pushy with the yellow personalities. Just because they are soft-spoken doesn’t mean you can bully them into doing what you want. They want to be helpful and serving, but they don’t want to be bossed around.

Reference: The Four Color Personalities For MLM: Tom “Big Al” Schreiter