The “Blue” Personality

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The second personality is easy. I can describe the blue personality in one word:
Blues love to party.
Blues love to have fun.
Blues love adventure.
Blues love trying new things.
Blues love to travel
And most importantly, blues love meeting new people.
Would that be important in network marketing?
Blues were made for network marketing, because the blues have never met a stranger. Everyone they meet is instantly their friend. They start conversation right away.

You already know about the blue personalities because you see them everyday.

When you get on the elevator, and a blue personality gets on the elevator with you, the blue starts telling you his life story. He tells you where the family went last night, who they met, what they are going to do today. And you haven’t said a word.

The blue personalities are the easiest of all the personalities to recognize…because they are always talking. They talk from the moment they wake up in the morning, all the way through lunch, all the way through the afternoon, all the way through the evening, and they even talk in their sleep! They talk and talk and talk. If there is a gap in the conversation, they fill the gap with words, just to be talking.

If a blue personality goes to a movie, from the moment the blues leave the theatre, he is saying, “oh, what a great movie. You’ve got to see this movie. Let me tell you about all the best parts of the movie.”

And this will be the best movie the blue ever watched until…..the next movie!
Blues were born to be promoters. Network marketing is a perfect fit for the blues.

Reference: The Four Colour Personalities For MLM: Tom ” Big Al ” Schreiter

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