So what is the downside to the Yellow Personality?

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Some people look at yellow personalities and say they are indecisive, wish washy, can’t make up their minds. maybe we could look at it this way instead. Yellow personalities don’t like forcing their opinions on other people. They want someone to make a decision and they will support that decision, as long as it is reasonable. For example, you get 12 yellow personalities in a conference room. One yellow says, ” Time for lunch.” The next one says, ” Where should we eat” The next one says, ” I will eat where everybody else agrees to eat.?”

The next one says, ” We should form a committee, but we are not authorized to form a committee.” The 12 yellow personalities are going to starve!

Do yellows make great leaders?
They are a pleasure to their upline. Why?
The yellow personality doesn’t like to complain. If there are problems, the yellows don’t want to criticize and moan about the problems. The simply want to help people. So no complaints are passed upline. The yellows gladly take care of their own problems, and their downline problems. They are good at this. Because they are patient and understanding, other people feel their empathy and love to work wit them.

Also, the yellows have no ego that will get in the way of their relationships with their downline. No ego means less conflict and less stress. Yellows are just nice people.

Yellows are dependable and oh-so-patient. This makes them great team players, as everyone knows they can depend on them.

So how I use the yellow language when talking to the yellow personalities?
The only word you have to remember is: “Help.”

Now, you are fluent in the yellow language. Easy, wasn’t it?
if you can’t think of what to say, simply throw the word “help” into your conversation, and you will communicate much better with the yellows. When talking to the yellows , consider focusing on these points in your presentation: How your business opportunity helps young mothers to stay home with their babies. How your company has a charity that raises funds for the needy. How working at home gives more time for the family, to build stronger relationships. How the nutritional product helps people save their lives from those evil pharmaceutical drugs.

How the product help grandmothers by giving them the energy to take their grandchildren to the zoo. How the skin care helps teenagers get rid of their acne so that they have a better self-image, go back to their classes in high school, go on to university, become doctors. and help starving children in the world.

What is less important to the Yellows
As polite people, we should only talk about what the other person is interested in. So out of respect for the yellows, we won’t spend a lot of time talking about: Compensation plan details; Winning a company trip as a top producer. Big bonus checks. Company sales and growth numbers. This is pretty easy. Now, why didn’t they teach us this in high school? We would have been a lot more polite and effective when talking to the yellow personality.

Help, help, and help some more
When I do a live workshop, I ask all the yellow personalities to raise their hands. Then, I say to the attendees, “Look closely at all these yellows raising their hands. Everybody loves these people. They are the kindest, most helpful people on the planet. So during the upcoming break, go to them and ask them for a loan of $1,000.”

Everyone laughts, but now we understand the yellow personality. When you really appreciate that the other person is a yellow personality. As you walk to your car in the parking lot, a stranger jumps out and says, “Hands up! Give me all your money!”

You answer, ” But I don’t have any money. I just spent the rest of this week’s paycheck.”

The stranger replies, ” Oh, that is so sad. Can I lend you a few dollars to help you through the rest of the week?” A great time to be held up by a ” yellow” criminal. I guess that is why most criminals aren’t yellow. They just can’t make a living with that soft, caring heart. or, while driving home, you don’t pay attention to the traffic, and you drive your car into the car in front of you. It is a major incident. The owner of the car in front of you says, ” Oh, did I back into you? Are you hurt? Let me give you a hug!” Yellow personalities never want you to feel guilty.

Reference: The Four Personalities For MLM: Tom “Big AL” Schreiter

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