What can I do to understand how to recognize the yellow personality quickly?

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First, find a “yellow” personality and just listen to that person talk. Notice words in that person’s conversations such as: Help, Contribute, Assist, Feel, Nurture, Comfort, Care, Share, Etc

Just by understanding their natural vocabulary and the words they choose to describe their lives, we can quickly determine their personality colour, even over the telephone.

Second, make a list of all the yellow personalities you know. That person at work, your aunt, the minister, the volunteer…and make the list as big as you possibly can.
By observing the people on your yellow list, you will understand what yellows say, what they do, and you will easily recognize the next yellow stranger you meet, especially if that stranger gives you a cookie.

How to invite a yellow personality to an opportunity meeting. Here is an exaggerated example of how you would talk to a yellow personality in their natural yellow language.

All you are doing is informing them that you want them to come to your opportunity meeting, but you are putting your request in the language they understand. Here is your invitation.

“I want to ask you for a favor. We have an opportunity meeting tomorrow night, would you please come? We need your help. “We market some skin-care products that help women look younger, feel better about themselves, and lead happier lives, more confident lives. And we have some nutritiional products that help young mothers have more energy so they can balance their families, their carees, and their personal lives.

“We also give young mothers a chance to work out of their homes, so they can be with their children, and stop warehousing their babies in daycare, paying strangers big money to watch their children grow up. Just think of all the commuting pollution we could reduce by helping people work out of their homes.

“And I just need to bring one more guest to the meeting so that I can win the ‘secret ribbon of happiness’ award. Would you please come with me to be my guest?
“Oh, and could you bring some refreshments also?” Yes, your yellow prospects is coming’.

The exaggerated script above communicates your invitation in the yellow, so your yellow prospect wants to come. The yellow person will see what you see, that something good will happen at the meeting. Rember, the skill is to quickly understand if you are talking to a yellow personality.

The words we use when we talk to yellow personalities are easy. And by adding just a few words such as ” help ” …”care”… we will communicate with the yellows in a way they understand.

Now, you don’t have to change who you are. Yoy don’t have to change the colour personality you are. All you have to do is translate your normal conversation into yellow language.Oh, I want to throw up!

Now, if the previous example of the yellow invitation doesn’t resonate with you, makes you ill, or you just don’t get it… don’t worry. That only means that you are not a yellow personality.You just see the world through one of the other three colours.
So lets’s take a look at the next colour personality now.

Reference: The Four Personalites for MLM: Tom ” Big Al ” Schreiter

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