So if the blue personality is always talking, what would be the downside?

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They never listen, Now, they are not being rude by not listening to you.
What is happening is that the blue personalities are thinking at 200 miles an hour, in 200 different directions, all at the same time! The other personalties just think too slowly for them.

So they finish our sentences for us, they finish our paragraphs for us, they don’t even slow down to listen to us, they just keep on talking.

In my live workshops, I ask the attendees, ” Would all the blue personalities please raise their hands? No one raises their hand. Why? Because the blue personalities aren’t listening, of course.

I have a friend named Michael. He is blue. When Michael and I go out recruiting together, I drive and Michael talks. He answers his own questions. But when Michael drives? When he drives, he still does all the talking, but he considers the rules of the road only a suggestion. Blues love adventure.

When Michael calls me at home, I pick up the phone, say hello, put the phone down, go to the kitchen and make a sandwich, watch some television, come back 30minutes later, and he will still be talking. Here is Michael’s schedule. He starts his telephone day around 9:00 in the morning.

He does conference calls, he does training, he prospects, and he coaches and mentors and talks and talks and talks until midnight. However, his wife Linda….she does all the work, all the follow-up, all the support, sends out the welcome packs, makes sure people remember the next meeting, registers the distributors for training…..because she is a yellow personality. That is what yellows do, they support.

During the day while Michael is talking, she walks by and says, ” Do you want a neck rub? want a sandwich? Need a soda?” I asked Linda one day, ” So Linda, how does it feel to be married to Michael?” ( Remember she is a yellow personality.) Linda answered, ” Oh, it is so wonderful. Michael goes out and meets these brand new people and I get to nurture them and support them.” Isn’t that a great team? Michael meets loots of new people, and she gets to do all of the follow-up.

She has to. Why? Because the blues will never ever follow-up. Do you know why? Because they are too busy meeting new people. Now, since the blues are out there meeting people and thinking at 200 miles an hour, it appears to the rest of us that they have very short attention spans. When you are talking to the blues, they will change the subject of their conversation five or six times before you get a chance to say anything.

For example, if yo are conducting a meeting, a blue personality will raise his hand and ask a question because …he just has to talk! The question might sound like this: ” I have a question. I was driving over to Chicago with my new distributor. We were going there to see a prospect, and we were driving over in my Volvo because the Mercedes was broken. I can’t believe what they were going to charge me for an alternator on the Mercedes. For that amount of money you could fly to Disney World. It is unbelievable, the cost of foreign car repairs.

When I first flew to Disney World, I was in the 4th grade, And down there in Disney World you can pick orange off the trees. It is totally different from when you get fresh oranges from the grocery store that really aren’t that fresh. And of course, our 4th grade teacher, she was a sister-in-law of my mother’s first husband.

We went down there as part of a group trip, and we had groups join us from Indiana, Illinois and even Wisconsin. It is cold in Winsconsin in the winter, don’t really know how they can live there. But I saw a show on television about Canada and how the moose population is dwindling because of global warming….”

Five minutes later, the blue personality finishes the question. You ask yourself, ” How do I answer that? And then you realize that you won’t have to, because the blue person just wanted to talk. No one would be listening to your answer anyway!
You’ll know when you have a blue prospect at your opportunity meeting, because halfway through the meeting, the blue prospect will jump up out of his chair and run outside because he just has to talk. The blue prospect will then meet a stranger in the hallway, and instantly he will begin talking and say:

“Oh man, you have to join us. This is going to be terrific. Wow, they have the trips coming up, the travel, we are going to meet lots of new people, fun, wonderful meetings, it is going to be so awesome.

“I can’t remember the name of the company, can’t remember what it is about, but just join us! This will be incredible!” Yes, that is a true blue personality. They are the “big picture” people. They don’t worry about those tiny little details like the name of the company or the product.

Reference: The Four Color Personalities For MLM: Tom ” Big Al ” Schreiter

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